A Bit of Backstory

Sticking Together

“Little did my grandfather know when he opened his sugar bush in 1948 that his granddaughter one day would be scrambling to save Québec’s maple-syrup heritage and the family business along with it.” Stéphanie Laurin, Chair of the Association of Québec Sugar Shacks and co-owner of Chalet des érables

The original idea was simple but bold: to get people across the province to rally in support of Québec’s sugar shacks. What if we joined forces to save a rich part of our heritage that was hit hard by the pandemic? What if we gave Quebecers the opportunity to experience the maple-syrup season in the comfort of their own homes? A few months (and a few partners) later, here we are—bringing maple lovers and sugar bushes together to the delight of one and all. Welcome to “Ma cabane à la maison.” Step inside and make yourself at home!

In Unity is Strength

Today close to 70 sugar shacks have joined forces for a new kind of maple-syrup season. Wherever in Québec you are, “Ma cabane à la maison” can be your very special guest.

“We sensed what a great way this was to come together the very moment they suggested the idea. Community, connection, cooperation, perseverance, creativity—all rolled into one!”

Carole, Daniel, Étienne, and Nathalie, Cabane à sucre au pied de l’érable

“For us, it’s about new hope. No single sugar bush could have come up with such a great concept on its own. Going it alone might be faster, but clearly we can go further together.”

Josée Lanctôt and Roxanne Ricard, Cabane Dupuis

“The project has rekindled our faith in the future. It means we can continue doing what we love—sharing the sweetness of life through food!”

Mélanie Charbonneau, Érablière Charbonneau

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this incredible opportunity to offer you a little comfort food and good times ‘to go.’ We’re sticking together—two metres apart of course!”

Annie Vallée, Érablière chez Lahaie

Is maple syrup in your blood?

Help keep our industry going and satisfy your family’s sweet tooth. Participating sugar shacks are standing by to take your order of hearty menus for all the people you love. How sweet it is!

We promise you

  • A sugar season that’s different but every bit as delicious
  • Dishes cooked up with lots of love
  • Easy, uncomplicated ordering
  • Our eternal gratitude

Bring on the season!

Get to know participating sugar shacks and support the ones you care about.

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