A Bit of Backstory

Sticking Together

“Little did my grandfather know when he opened his sugar bush in 1948 that his granddaughter one day would be scrambling to save Québec’s maple-syrup heritage and the family business along with it.” Stéphanie Laurin, Chair of the Association of Québec Sugar Shacks and co-owner of Chalet des érables

The original idea was simple but bold: to get people across the province to rally in support of Québec’s sugar shacks. What if we joined forces to save a rich part of our heritage that was hit hard by the pandemic? What if we gave Quebecers the opportunity to experience the maple-syrup season in the comfort of their own homes? A few months (and a few partners) later, here we are—bringing maple lovers and sugar bushes together to the delight of one and all. Welcome to “Ma cabane à la maison.” Step inside and make yourself at home!

Our Unity is our Strength

Thanks to the pandemic, the sugar shacks have teamed up to make us live a new kind of sugar season. Since then, the reopening of their dining rooms has been welcomed, but many of them have decided to keep this new tradition alive! Wherever you are in Quebec, Ma cabane à la maison can come to your home!

“The project has rekindled our faith in the future. It means we can continue doing what we love—sharing the sweetness of life through food!”

Mélanie Charbonneau, Érablière Charbonneau,
Mont St-Grégoire

“For 75 years we have been welcoming Quebecers to our family sugar shack! We are delighted that our lovingly prepared dishes can now be brought into your homes! This new tradition warms our hearts!”

Chantal Lampron & Daniel Laurin, Le Chalet des Érables,
Ste-Anne des Plaines

“From yesterday to today, a tradition that defies generations!”

Jessica Gingras, La Goudrelle,

“The collective group project, Ma Cabane a la maison, allows our little sugar shack to reach out and make us known outside of our region. People have access to our table via a drop-off point near their home, it's great!”

Noémie Gautreau-Régnier and Jérôme Sauvageau, Bistreau de l’érable,

“The project, it is beautiful, it is radiant! A little crazy too! It put us on the edge of our seats and took our breath away a few times, a roller coaster of emotions. It’s with our eyes closed and our fingers crossed that we continue the adventure for a third consecutive season.”

Joannie Paquette, Chalet des Érables,

“This innovative initiative has kept the tradition alive. Some people prefer to feast in the atmosphere of a sugar shack, but others have discovered a new way to gather in the comfort of their homes. Whatever the way, at least once a year we celebrate the sugar season!”

Josée Daigle and Mario Chrétien, Érablière au rythme des temps,

Is maple syrup in your blood?

Help keep our industry going and satisfy your family’s sweet tooth. Participating sugar shacks are standing by to take your order of hearty menus for all the people you love. How sweet it is!

We promise you

  • All the sugar-shack classics in the comfort of your own home
  • Tasty dishes, made with love
  • Easy as maple sugar pie
  • Deep gratitude for your support

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