Ma cabane à la maison is an all-new idea. These FAQs will give you a better grasp of how it works.

Pick a sugar shack

Close to 70 sugar shacks from all over Québec have joined this awesome adventure.

Just click “Pick a sugar shack.” There are various search filters available to help you zero in.

Not necessarily. There are lots of ways to pick your sugar shack. You can search using your postal code, find a sugar shack that’s partnered with the Metro of your choice, or look under the name of a business you want to support.

What a generous idea! Just use that lucky person’s postal code and order their “home sweet home” kit for pickup at the Metro closest to them. On pickup day, they can just stop by the store to get their hearty reheatable or ready-to-cook dinner. In every Metro, Ma cabane à la maison pickup will be located near the customer service counter.

Absolutely! To spread the joy among family and friends, start by finding the lucky recipients’ Metro groceries using their postal codes. Then pick who gets what from the assortment of mouthwatering “home sweet home” kits—it won’t be easy! The day of pickup, your loved ones can just drop by Metro to retrieve that special treat cooked up with love and devotion. In every Metro, Ma cabane à la maison pickup will be located near customer service.

There’s of course nothing like a hearty “home sweet home” kit to fire up the troops. Some sugar shacks offer individual dinners or businesses kits for 8. For special requests regarding business events, please email us at info@macabanealamaison.com.

It’s so great you want to support your favourite sugar shack! Go to the “Pick a sugar shack” page and enter the name of the outfit you are looking for in the search field.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. You need to order your “home sweet home” kit in advance on our website, the way you’d reserve your spot at a sugar shack.

Never: Your personal information is private. And we’ll only send you our newsletter if you want us to.

Reserve your “home sweet home” kit

No way—you’re up to your eyeballs in options! Every sugar shack designs its own menu of reheatable and ready-to-cook dishes featuring its specialties. Feel free to narrow your search down according to your likes and dislikes or dietary restrictions.

Unfortunately, we can’t do that. The products in each “home sweet home” kit are all from the same sugar bush. But there’s no reason not to support more than one sugar shack by ordering kits from different ones.

Each sugar shack offers a hearty menu made up of reheatable and ready-to-cook dishes. They’re very careful about the instructions. You’ll see—it’s as easy as (sugar) pie!

There are sugar bushes with vegetarian, vegan, pork-free, and gluten-free menus and peanut-free sugar bushes. For special requests, feel free to get in touch with your sugar shack. There’s always a solution!

Depending on availability, we suggest ordering at least 48 hours in advance.

You’ve probably noticed that contactless payment is now more popular than ever. For public health and logistical reasons, a credit card is required for online payment. If you pick up your order at the sugar shack, you may find places that have products for sale on-site. Accepted methods of payment will vary from one business to another.

Absolutely. Our UEAT platform is fully compliant with all PCI Data Security Standards.

You sure can. You can set up an account with your email address. That way, if you want, we’ll have your personal and credit card information on file.

No problem. If it’s electronic, it connects to Ma cabane à la maison.

Never fear, your dinner kit won’t fall through the cracks. You’ll get an email and a text message when your order is ready. For on-site pickup, it will be ready at the time you selected. If you chose to pick your order up at Metro, just go to the pickup point near the customer service counter at the selected time (or anyway before it closes).

If your order is ready, we suggest you get in touch with the sugar shack you ordered from to ask about cancelling or changing your order.

Contact customer service at the sugar shack.

Choose pickup or delivery.

Outside of the regular season, the Metro store pickup option is no longer available. Thanks to Metro for their support this year!

Yes - You're in luck! You can also pickup your meal directly at the sugar shack.

Not necessarily—that’s the beauty of it all! Our “home sweet home” kits come in an insulated package that keeps them fresh for 24 hours.

Yes. You can select the time you want when you place your order.

You can change your pickup date and time with 48 hours’ notice. But if something comes up at the last minute, it’s too late. You might ask a friend or neighbour to pick your order up for you. They will have to show confirmation of the order.

For a refund, just contact the sugar shack that prepared your “home sweet home” kit directly.

Contact customer service at the sugar shack.

Our “home sweet home” kits are prepared with all the love in the world, but if for any reason at all you’re not happy with them, please reach out to your sugar shack directly. There’s a solution to every problem.

Ma cabane à la maison, the show

Show access is free with purchase of a “home sweet home” kit. You’ll receive your access link with your order confirmation.

You’ll receive your access link with your order confirmation. If you’ve ordered your dinner kit and haven’t received confirmation of your order, check your spam folder or contact customer service.

Not at all. The show is free when you purchase a “home sweet home” kit. Just click on your access link, and your access code will be activated free of charge.

Absolutely. That’s the beauty of virtual performances. Just enter your access code on the Boucane en direct webpage when you’re ready to watch. Psssit! Hurry, you will have until May 15 to take advantage of your access to the show.

Kit and packaging

Our “home sweet home” kits come in an insulated package that will keep fresh for 24 hours. But we still suggest you keep it cool after you get it and follow the instructions when the time comes to enjoy your sugar shack dinner. Note: some products may be packed frozen.

Absolutely! Our “home sweet home” kits come in boxes with a layer of cardboard insulation that will keep them fresh for 24 hours.

Customer service

Please call our customer service, Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

If you’re having difficulties placing an order, feel free to contact the sugar shack or our customer service. We’d be thrilled to help you out.

If your order is ready, we suggest you get in touch with the sugar shack you ordered from to ask about cancelling or changing your order.

Please accept our apologies. Don’t hesitate to contact the sugar shack you ordered from directly. The owner will do everything possible to get back in your good books.


Better safe than sorry! We suggest disinfecting the outside packaging as well as any inside packaging. Wash your hands carefully, and you’re ready to plunge into your sugar season feast!

Bring on the season!

Get to know participating sugar shacks and support the ones you care about.

Pick a sugar shack


Questions and comments? Our customer service is standing by.


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