Awesome Partners

Joining Together

When people come together, great things happen. So many valued partners answered the call, giving generously of their time to make sure every sweet tooth in Québec gets to celebrate!

Initial partners

Logo Metro


Metro’s contribution to the Ma cabane à la maison adventure has been critical! The team believed in the project from the very start and spared no effort to spread the word. Having a leading food grocery chain—headquartered in Québec—in our corner showed everyone we meant business. And the fact that 194 Metro and Metro Plus grocery stores agreed to act as pickup points for our “home sweet home” kits didn’t hurt either.

Logo Prospek


When sugar shack operator Stéphanie Laurin’s cry for help rang out through the media, Sylvain Arsenault, partner and president of Prospek communication marketing, was listening. He reached out, they met, and the Ma cabane à la maison movement came to be. And the rest, as they say, is history! Agency staff signed on without reserve. Hundreds of hours were spent creating the brand, developing a big-league marketing communication plan, and designing content that would get everybody dreaming of sweet dreams.

Main partners

Logo Publisac


Many of the people who will learn about our exciting initiative in support of Québec’s sugar shakers will hear about it thanks to a big communications push largely spearheaded by Publisac. Publisac believed in the Ma cabane à la maison movement and offered exposure on its iconic bag heading out to over 3 million Québec homes this coming March. Wow!

Logo Lafleur


Lafleur has been nurturing the sugar season tradition since 1912 with its delicious hams, bacon, sausages, and cretons. No way were they going to miss out! We’re very proud to have the support of this storied name in Québec goodness. Lafleur is the lead presenter of the Ma cabane à la maison show the will feature Québec performers. Toes will be tappin’ in the living rooms of Québec thanks to Lafleur!

Logo Producteurs et productrices acéricoles du Québec

Producteurs et productrices acéricoles du Québec

Like us, PPAQ (Producteurs et productrices acéricoles du Québec) love the great outdoors and our maple tree heritage. They’re a huge part of Québec’s maple syrup history. How could they not join the Ma cabane à la maison movement! Not only have they contributed financially to get the word out, they’ll be providing a big hand to help us promote maple products.

Logo Groupe Lacroix

Groupe Lacroix

1 million! You heard us, we’re going to need 1 million containers to serve up our traditional feasts in the comfort of your home! When we approached Groupe Lacroix looking for recyclable containers—something 100% made in Québec—Christine and Nicolas Bouveret gave us an awesome welcome and even offered every participating sugar shack a substantial number of free containers. What a relief for our sugar shack owners. Warm thanks to you and to all your team.

Logo Fédération des producteurs d’œufs du Québec

Fédération des producteurs d’œufs du Québec

What would a sugar shack be without Québec eggs? We counted them all, and Ma cabane à la maison will be using at least 2.5 million of them. Québec’s egg farmers’ federation sure wasn’t going to skip this rendezvous with Quebecers. We’d like to thank them sincerely for their financial contribution and support for a number of marketing communication initiatives.

Logo Soma


When Geneviève Cabana-Proulx of Soma was told of the plight of Québec’s sugar shack owners, she lost no time enlisting Soma in the production of a video to get the message out. Her team went all in, as well as calling on partners and artisans to add their own special sauces. The result: a blockbuster on a shoestring budget. A serious lift!


Web agency QuatreCentQuatre got the nod to join the Prospek team in the design of the website. They had of course the expertise and skills to handle the job, but best of all they were ready to deliver on a schedule that seemed to violate most of the laws of space-time! And the Montreal agency even tossed in a special rate to sweeten the deal. Without a website, there’d have been no Ma cabane à la maison.



UEAT’s online ordering system is what makes it possible to check out sugar shack menus, order meal kits, pay, and choose a safe pickup or delivery method. We’re proud to be using a Québec business’s technology in our project. UEAT not only offered a special rate, they had to tackle a series technical challenge by creating 65 online stores for our 65 participating sugar shacks. Thanks, UEAT!

Logo Bonjour Québec

Bonjour Québec

Regional Tourism Associations (RTAs) were among the first to hear the word when the wild and crazy ride first began—lifting high the torch in support of our sugar shacks. The Québec sugar bush is a key part of the tourism fabric of many Québec regions. RTAs have always understood that and put that understanding to work to support our industry. We’re so grateful to them for believing in us!

Logo Boucane en direct

Boucane en direct

A sugar shack experience worth its salt will invariably include Québec music. Why would this year be any different? The Boucane en direct team was so enthusiastic about the cause, they set about recruiting arts community professionals and put together a truly outstanding show for the webcast. The leadership of Daniel Boucher and Patrick Lacroix, the brains behind Boucane en direct, brought together celebrated artists you can experience online together with your “home sweet home” kit. In local parlance: “Merci, les gars!”

Logo Tuango


Since it was founded in 2010, Tuango has been getting involved every year in numerous causes that matter to Quebecers. That's the spirit that got everyone at this local platform to call on its community to support sugar shacks. And thanks to that partnership, close to a million Quebecers will find out about Ma cabane à la maison! Tuango, you're the best!

Logo Eating Local

Eating Local

You can't get any more local than chowing down at a sugar shack. Did you know that every single participating sugar shack put together a menu of local products? And that's why it was an obvious next move to partner up with the Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA) eat local movement (Mangeons local). By ordering a dinner kit on our platform, you support people with a tradition who work tirelessly to feed us every day. We're proud to have these farmers and foresters as our partners. Eating local is more important than ever!



The story has been told countless times: It all began for Ma cabane à la maison with Stéphanie Laurin's cry for help in the media. It's less well know that that first media foray was in fact the brainchild of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), as it pulled out all the stops to help sugar shack owners. To we owe the spark that lit the torch, dear friends! Thank you!

Logo Nicolas Boulerice

Nicolas Boulerice

“The suggestion that I write a song for an ad to support Québec’s maple syrup producers was really well timed! I had a song about maple syrup and sugar shacks I’d written just last summer on the beach in the Magdalen Islands. It all fell into place when I saw those awesome visuals. It was like the song had been written just for them! It’s called ‘Dans l’eau-de-vie de l’arbre’ and it’s coming out on Le Vent du Nord this fall. My heart is totally with them—our maple growers, syrup makers, artisans, memory keepers, and guardians of the tradition.” A proud Nicolas Boulerice

Logo Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec

Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec

Our government is stepping up to the plate for our sugar shacks, a source of pride throughout Québec. Apart from giving an extra boost to an important economic driver — things we’re doing, like our support for the “Ma cabane à la maison” initiative, will give many Quebecers a chance to enjoy a delectable sugar shack dinner at home. Let’s all support our maple producers and enjoy the coming sugar season to the fullest. — André Lamontagne, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

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