This season,
live the
sugar shack
at home.

Pick a sugar shack

How does it work?



Pick a sugar shack.

Approximatly 15 sugar shacks from all over Québec are part of this wonderful initiative. Read a bit about each and decide which to support.

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Reserve your “home sweet home” kit.

Every one of these sugar shacks offers a hearty menu made up of reheatable and ready-to-cook dishes. Pick what appeals to you.

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Choose pickup or delivery.

Pick up your “home sweet home” kit at a Metro store near you, have it delivered to your door, or stop by the sugar shack to collect it. Bon appétit!

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Show us your delicious feast.

Show your support by posting a photo of your sugar shack dinner on social media with the hashtag #ParIciLesSucres.

In figures, it’s nearly


pick-up points throughout Quebec.


sugar shacks have hooked up their trees and fired up their boilers to keep the tradition going.


of the menus and boxes are made locally with love and devotion.

What is “Ma cabane à la maison” anyway?

The Concept

We’re thrilled to be part of this wonderful initiative again this year. Québec’s sugar shacks are breathing new life into the sugaring-off tradition with fantastic takeout and delivery menus.

All together now

Our partners

This joint initiative would never have come about without the support of our valued partners. Cheers to Metro and thank you to everyone! Together, let’s celebrate our maple syrup heritage!

Initial partner of
Ma cabane à la maison

Maple Syrup leafs

The story of the sugar shack

Our Heritage

A sugar shack is much more than just a friendly place to indulge in the many joys of maple syrup. It’s also the storehouse of a rich tradition going back millennia.

A new tradition is born, Sugar time at home!

We are happy to continue this new tradition of a meal cooked with love in your favorite sugar shack, enjoyed and shared in the comfort of your home. Since 2021, it’s close to;

155 000

gourmet boxes purchased

2 700 000

visits to the website

650 000

meals served.

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