The show

Toes will be tappin’ in the living rooms of Québec!

To thank our faithful sugar shackers and treat them to a sugar shack experience the way it’s supposed to be, Boucane en direct has rustled you up an old-time jamboree with Daniel Boucher, 2Frères, Yves Lambert, and Guylaine Tanguay. It was shot deep in the woods, but you can catch it at home with the unique link in your order confirmation.

Between sets, our performers had some things to say:

Daniel Boucher

It’s been some year, hasn’t it? What do you do in times like these anyway? You roll up your sleeves and get to it. When you stand up for Québec’s sugar shacks, you’re standing up for community spirit, hard work, guts, day-to-day love in life, a welcome to all, and the desire to share the sweetness of our land. Because for us, maple sap is the taste of home.


Thanks for eating local! You can’t get much more local than a hearty sugar shack dinner. You can’t beat it! Maple syrup—it’s our very own liquid gold. Thank you to all you Québec maple syrup makers!

Yves Lambert

It’s so great to be playing for you folks. You know the last time we played was on New Year’s Day. We’re New Year’s Day experts, for sure, and sugar shack season experts too ... We’ll be puttin’ out six shades of crazy for everyone!

Guylaine Tanguay

What we’re going through right now is tough for a lot of people. When you order a meal kit, you’re really doing something. You’re making a difference to families who’ve put their lives into their sugar shack. Thank you so much!

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