Ambiance 101

Here we go!

Dinner has arrived. The maple syrup is poured out... All that’s left is to conjure up your own sugar-shack magic.

Ma cabane à la maison - The show

Toe-tappin’ fun right in your living room! We got together with Boucane en direct to cook up a real hoedown featuring Daniel Boucher, Guylaine Tanguay, Yves Lambert, and 2Frères. It was filmed way out in the bush, but you can watch it at home with the unique link in your order confirmation. Thanks, Boucane en direct!

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A square dance, perhaps?

A sugar-shack dinner with no music is like an omelette with no maple syrup. Here’s a fresh-from-the-band selection of music to get your toes tapping.

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No fuss

Don’t let it stress you—just have everyone join in and let the good times roll. Right this way for some good old home-spun fun!

Setting the mood

Cheerful chaos

Miss the long crowded tables? Why not get your cousins, grandparents, or grandchildren together onscreen.

A breath of fresh air

After the feast, continue the fun outdoors! Get out your rubber boots and make some maple taffy on snow with the kids.

Making maple taffy

By the numbers

40 litres

It takes an average of 40 litres of maple water to make 1 litre of maple syrup. The volume of the maple water is reduced by 62%.

300 years

A sugar maple can live a long time—a really long time! As a rule, you have to wait 45 years after planting before you can start collecting sap.

115 °C

That’s the magic number for making our beloved maple syrup. That means the maple water has to reach a temperature 3.5 degrees past the boiling point.

How to make maple taffy

Your sugar shack experience will never be complete without maple taffy. Did you know that a single cup of maple syrup makes enough taffy for four complete cravings?

Step 1

Pour 1 cup of maple syrup into a lightly greased saucepan.

Step 2

Bring syrup to a boil. Using a candy thermometer, heat to 115 °C. Watch that it doesn’t boil over. If the taffy is too runny, just boil it a few minutes longer.

Step 3

Remove from heat. With a spoon, spread a little of the taffy on clean snow.

Step 4

Wait a few seconds for the taffy to solidify, pick it up with a stick or other kitchen utensil, and eat it.

An activity for your little sweeties

There’s more to a sugar shack than just sweet nothings. It’s a place to celebrate maple trees in all their splendour! Get your children to help support our industry by displaying their creations in the window.

The leaf

The sugar maple is a truly Canadian treasure.


The maple taffy

You can’t go to a sugar shack without a taste of maple taffy.


The shack

We’ve got buckets of maple syrup here, and everybody’s welcome.


The meal

Beans, bacon, omelettes in syrup—it’s yummy in your tummy!


Bring on the season!

Get to know participating sugar shacks and support the ones you care about.

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